Ranking chemical compounds in order of polarity

Feb 2016
I attached the 3 compounds that I have to rank.
I think the order of polarity is:
Figure 2 (most non-polar), Figure 3 and Figure 1 (most polar).

I'm having a bit of trouble explaining why but I'm going to try my best below:

Figure 1 is most polar because it contains carboxylic acid functional group which is polar, an ether group and 2 polar Cl groups.

Figure 2 is most non-polar because the symmetrical shape of the chemical compound causes the polarity of the Cl functional groups to cancel out.

Figure 3 has an intermediate polarity because it contains polar Cl functional groups and the shape is asymmetrical.

I think figure 1 is more polar than figure 3 because Figure 1 is clearly not symmetrical and the carboxylic acid group is much more polar than Cl functional groups.

Is this correct? or did i miss anything?

Thank you!