simple sentence. zero dimensional space

Nov 2019
Hi guys, recently I stumbled upon this strange video in youtube. I downloaded a 17 page handwritten pdf file from the description which is hard to read. I am not a mathematician nor a linguist and although I have read it I don't know what to think. It looks more like an incomplete exercise or speculations over the grammar of the simple sentence. But numbers and kind of their definitions were involved, which is strange for a grammar work. Here is the link:

Nov 2019
Hi guys,
Instead of sitting and doing nothing, I read the pdf file again and these are my observations:

I saw this:

1. Thing and Connection are Basic Terms and have duality. There is a hint to Russell’s paradox.

/ attempts for “definitions” and “axioms” /

/0 d space is a metaphor for Connection and Thing /

2.There are several types of Connections. I think the definition of Equivalence as a Connection is messed up. But on it Event is defined.

3. Be and Have somehow make a symmetrical pair.

4. Simple sentence is defined on Event. Problem of MEANING is solved .

5. “Simple sentence”, as you see it, is the term Name = Encoding of the Event in sounds or writing.

/different Encoding = different languages /

There is a whole page on “Simple sentence” which is almost sane.

6. The definition of the Grammatical case is almost okay in the first fourth of the page if you don’t mention the awful handwriting. But only definition for Instrumental case is given.

7. A thing/Divider/ divides Space into subspaces/places/ – some of them are called prepositions, the others differently. That was nice, even OF and WITH have logical meaning.

About numbers:

9. Natural number is a Connection over 1 (quality in 0 d). Addition, multiplication and division are here. I don’t know if this is true but page is awfully written.

10. The next page as I understand is about Complex numbers (Vectors in 2 d).

Even if these two pages are WRONG this is a nice try of clear separation of Natural numbers and their addition, multiplication and division

/just directions of Embedding in 0 d are multiplication and division of Natural numbers/

AND Complex numbers and their addition and multiplication.

About Time in simple sentence:

11. The idea is nice and practical. 0 d fits in well.

That is only some DRAFT – incomplete and messed up. (down side)

A DRAFT trying to use mathematical thinking (up side)