Solving for x

May 2018
Idaho, USA
So, my car broke down, and I am stranded. While I am waiting for my dad to get here, I am passing time by doing math problems. Here is one I just did:

Solve for x


What I did was I took e, and I put it to the 5th power for 148.413.......... I added 2 for 150.413......... Then I divided it by 4. I got x =37.603.........

I tested it. ln(4*37.603........-2)=5

It worked. I found x.

Earlier today, I was watching an episode of a tv show. A character asked this problem:

"If x=y*pi^3, and y equals the square root of 78, how would you determine the value of x?"

x = 273.8400209.

It was simpler than I thought.

Well, that's all. I just wanted to share what I am doing with math. I might as well practice more problems while I am waiting.

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Feb 2016
Maybe you should do some mechanics problems instead!
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May 2018
Idaho, USA
@Joppy, you're right. I probably should have done that! However, I couldn't find the problem until my dad got there. We suspected it was the battery, so we took the battery in. It turns out the battery was defective. It was under warranty, so we got it replaced, and the car is working just fine now.

At least I got some math practice in!

It took me long enough to realize there was a typo in my first post. I accidentally said 15.413..... I accidentally left out a zero. Looks like somebody edited it for me.

Thank you!