Spacetime originates in the fourth dimension ..that is the only part Einstein didn't see.

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Jan 2020
The dimension we know as Time(temporal) is a duality with spatial. I am renaming the dimension of Time, SpaceTime. The dimension of spacetime is space and time ..shocking I know. The fabric of spacetime is 4D and has a frame rate. Whenever the dimension of spacetime gets involved, a physical state is granted.

Having spatial mixed in with time allows gravitational waves to propagate and for C to be constant in time dilation areas. It scales reality to keep the speed of light the same everywhere. It also allows for cosmic voids to expand by treating areas without mass differently. It satisfies the information paradox with black holes sending information to the 4th dimension (4D mass). It also gives dark matter somewhere to live and be unobservable. It explains why we see gravity as weak ..the fabric of spacetime is 4D while our objects are 3D mass.

Only the force of a collapsing star and gravitational waves can interact with the 4th dimension. It doesn't change anything Minkowski discovered.

It answers how a particle gets observed and swapped from a wave to a particle. The dimension of spacetime never wants quantum waves floating around in it. Or maybe I should say ..doesn't allow it if it knows it's there. It is a dimension of observation, I'm just saying it is what does the actual swapping (physical state).

There are three modes to a particle. Quantum wave, duality, finished (collapsed). If the wave is not observed during its path, it will only be a wave in flight until it hits something. Duality has the quantum field and the dimension of spacetime fighting over it. Finished ..wave or particle hits a object too big to be influenced by the quantum field.

Spacetime grants a physical state when it is involved in any way during the path of a particle quantum weirdness allowed.

The swap/mode change is done before the particle/wave starts to move. The entire timeline of the particle/wave is known before it starts moving. The Delayed choice quantum eraser shows us this.

Spacetime is more than just a dimension because we see what it does when it gets involved with quantum waves. A dimension with observation built in is pretty weird.

"The gravitational force of a point mass drops off as 1/r2 . As Sean stated above, this becomes 1/r{2+N} where N is the number of extra dimensions you are adding to a theory. In layman's terms this is because there are now more dimensions for the force to operate in, so the amount of force is more "spread out" for a given distance away."
- The gravitational force originates from the spacetime dimension was already "spread out" before the test.

Inverse square is for 3D mass. Inverse cubed is for 4D mass.

There is significance to a dimension devoted to observation. ..making things physical ..real.

The quantum field and quantum waves do not use spacetime. They don't have time, they do not age. Matter Waves do not decay time. They are not physical, they can tunnel because of this. Whenever spacetime gets involved, quantum weirdness events stop. Spacetime auto-observes/decoheres anything larger than a virus.

Unobserved QM = Quantum Field
Duality = QFT (both spacetime and the quantum field) (no quantum weirdness except for wobble ..and the quantum Zeno effect, the quantum field is still making it ageless. )
Spacetime = GR

Double slit interpretation:
Randomly shot particles are sent through a double slit, if no one places a detector in the path of the particle, the unobserved particle will be in the form of two waves (one for each slit) . Depending on the which wave ends up with more energy (after the split) ..the final position of a channel representing a fringe will be the final resting place of the now collapsed particle. If the energy wasn't unbalanced, I would expect to see only a single channel of fringe be filled in.

Now a detector gets placed anywhere along the path between the cannon and the final landing screen. The particle shot will be collapsed upon leaving the cannon because the state of the particle has already been decided. It won't be waves, just a particle. It's been pulled from the unobserved quantum realm and made physical in Spacetime. It will go through one slit and hit the final screen in a normal clump. It will wobble from the quantum field still having some influence on it.

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser: Shows us the entire path of the particle is known before it starts moving. Entangled particles hold the same state while in flight. When the first particle hits it's final panel in a shortened path, it knows if its entangled brother will ever be physical or not in flight. Aka, it knows if spacetime got involved.

Which Way Quantum Eraser: Something very interesting happens when you cause two state changes in the path of a particle before it hits a final panel. If the quantum field knows two state changes are going to occur, it goes back to being unreal quantum waves. When you see fringes appear on the final panel, it is because the quantum waves ignored the polarizers at the slits and the additional polarizer as unreal quantum waves. Quantum waves are passing though physical spacetime objects.

Inside every black hole is a sphere that represents the quantum/classical boundary. Beyond it, mass is sent to the fourth dimension as dark matter. Gravitational waves are literally the fluctuation of the fabric of spacetime in 4D. It temporarily scales reality as it propagates.

The fabric of spacetime is a little more interesting than GR defines. We now know spacetime is enacted based the amount of mass at the quantum/classical boundary. It isn’t enacted everywhere but can be naturally with a certain amount of mass. A supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy starts the core gravity well. It isn’t a strong enough well to hold the entire galaxy in but planets/stars daisy chain off the core gravity well. When an object has enough mass to enact spacetime, it becomes accessible to the universal spacetime net/fabric and will flow as gravity tells it to. Spacetime objects on the outer edges are going to experience extreme time dilation and move quickly. The amount of dark matter guessed to be in the universe is vastly overblown.

Spacetime scales when it bends. Reality is scaling. We already know about time dilation ..but a meter stick in one time scale (region of space) will shrink or expand in another time region. It will still be a meter no matter how much it scales, because, for that region ..that is the reality of what a meter length is. This is why the speed of light does not change.
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