The fabric of spacetime is a single FIVE-dimensional manifold

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Jan 2020
Black Hole
Four dimensions of space and One dimension of time

This allows for frames of reference to scale and hold the speed of light to be the same no matter the time dilation.
Early in this video it demonstrates what we perceive as 3D scale is actually 4D

Is gravity weak because mass from 3D objects is not as potent to a 4D spacetime fabric?

I think this has something to do with cosmic voids expanding. It seems when spacetime doesn't have mass in a region collapses in on itself ..we can't see it because it's 4D.

Does this imply the Cyclic model is triggered when spacetime is allowed to completely collapse in on itself? Would all the atoms in the universe coming together be grounds for a new big bang? Is the big bang, the biggest atom bomb possible?

Are black holes unobservable because they are 4D?

What does the information paradox say about matter being sent to a 4th dimension?

What does gamma rays escaping black holes tell us about the real 4D shape of a black hole?

A black hole is gathering 3D mass and making it 4D mass. Does this have something to do with how a black hole begins? If we could generate 4D mass, would it automatically start a black hole? Does this explain why cosmic voids do the opposite of what black holes do?

Does the force of a giant star collapsing allow 3D mass to sneak into the 4th dimension ..creating 4D mass?


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Sep 2015
More importantly will this help me get my white's whiter and my colors brighter????
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