Useful statistics

Oct 2013
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Determine whether or not an average number is reported. If an average is reported, identify which type of average it is (mean, median, mode)

1) Three-fourths of college educated men in these studies achieved some upward mobility, while only 12% of those who received no schooling did (Schaefer 2006, 202)

Answer: Average reported = MODE...because most common feature of those who are upwardly mobile are college educated men

2) Before 1980, only 43% of women (or their partner) used a method of birth control at their first premarital intercourse. By 1999-2002, the proportion using a method at first premarital inter course had risen to 79% (Mosher 2004, 1)

Answer: Average reported = MODE...because the most common feature of women (or their partner) in 1999-2002 period was that they used some "method"

3) "Whereas traditionally grain was grown for human consumption, an increasing percentage is being grown for animal consumption. Worldwatch Paper 103 reports that "roughly 38% of the world's grain - especially corn, barley, sorghum, and oats - is fed to livestock."" (Durning 1991, 14)

Answer: Average reported: NO AVERAGE...because it is not a mean, median or mode

4) "For both whites and blacks, suicide was more common among men than women. The suicide rate for white men (25 suicides per 100,000 people) was about four times higher than the rate for white women (6). Among African Americans, the rate for men (12) was about six times that for women (2). (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2009)

Answer: Average reported: NO AVERAGE...because it is not mean, median or mode

Are my answers correct? Thanks