Word problem with arithmetic sequence

Sep 2017
Czech Republic
Hello, I'm just trying to solve one problem probably arithmetic succession. Somehow I do not know where to start, counting examples from the Hudet collection and Peták does not do my problem, the arithmetical sequence is a fairly light topic, but here I do not know where and how. Do you advise?

Marta decided one day to write the number of scorched ideas she had that day from tomorrow. In order to avoid it, for the sake of clarity, the number obtained on the i-th day is denoted as $ _ {i} $. Patiently, every day counts the product of all the differences and $ _ {i} $ - and $ _ {j} $ for i <j. On the very first day, he unconditionally entrusted Honza with his actions. He had no idea how many stupid marty days he had come to, but he came to see her one day and confidently told her that the divisible 481 would be released in the evening. He knew he would be right because, like a guest and fish, he stinks the third day nth day of the product of divisible divisible 481. Determine the smallest possible n for which this wisdom always applies


Math Team
Oct 2011
Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Please get someone to write your problem in proper English.

This is an arithmetic sequence:
7,10,13,16 = 46
a = 1st term = 7
n = number of terms = 4
d = difference between successive terms = 3
S = sum of the n terms = 46
Do you fully understand above?